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Ogun Computerised vehicle inspection service

Pioneering Vehicle inspection for safety


OGVIS is a Special Purpose Vehicle SPV set up by the Ogun state government in partnership with Temple SYC Limited to work together with the state’s Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) to ensure that motorists are safer on the roads. We have since ensured the reduction of rickety vehicles and accidents in the state via our periodic vehicle inspection..

Temple SYC a subsidiary of Temple Group Ltd was established in 2014 to introduce vehicle testing technologies and undertake computerized vehicle inspection services in Ogun state amongst other states. The Ogun Computerized Vehicle Inspection Service,OGCVIS, is a special purpose vehicle, set up by the Ogun State government and other stakeholders to partner with the state’s Vehicle Inspection Service to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

OGCVIS was set up by a strong desire to provide lasting solution to the historical antecedents of dangers posed by having vehicles that are not road worthy on Ogun State roads.
OGCVIS is regulated by the Ogun State Ministry of Transport to provide technical and operational infrastructure to inspect vehicles according to the statutory provisions of the law. Vehicles are tested for the purpose of ascertaining their worthiness on roads and for the issuance of Road Worthiness Certificate.

In pursuing this mandate, OGCVIS works with major stakeholders namely: VIO, FRSC, Nigeria Police, Road Traffic Unions and the General Public.
Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated safety technological innovations with a hard – earned reputation for excellent service delivery and standards which has ensured the safety of lives of road users via periodic computerised vehicle inspection, using sophisticated equipment.


Do You Know That Computerised Vehicle Inspection Is Considered Preventive Maintenance?
Yes! it prevents the need for costly car repairs and best recommended twice annually, or according to the license type and usage of the vehicle over time.


  1. Light Test
  2. Emission Test
  3. Alignment Test
  4. Suspension Test
  5. Brake Test
  6. Underneath Inspection
  7. Topside Visual Inspection
  8. OBD Diagnosis.

Your Safety is our priority, kindly visit any of our inspection centres in Ondo state for your computerised vehicle inspection…


1• To improve the quality of human life by providing platform that guarantees safety on our roads.
2• To enhance Federal Government efforts in reducing accident fatality rate on Nigeria roads by guarantying the worthiness of cars thereby ensuring safety.

To be the preferred inspection operator of African origin with global acceptance.

We believe that if every vehicle passes through our Computerized Vehicle Routine checks constantly, accidents and fatalities in Nigeria will be reduced by 50% .